Supporting communites with hygiene awareness programs. Assisting vulnerable families to build latrines. Ensuring good hand washing practices. Empowering people to meet their own needs. Supporting communities with safe drinking water.

Water Works is a grassroots charity committed to supporting rural Malawian communities gain access to

safe drinking water


hygienic sanitation facilities

. Our approach is not to give hand outs, but to empower people to meet their own water, sanitation and hygiene needs. We do this by running

hygiene awareness programmes

, providing technical assistance for latrine construction and training communities to install, manage and maintain one of our simple, innovative and sustainable water pumps.

Whistle Blowing

Should you wish to alert Water Works to any serious concerns, please find the link to our Whistle Blowing policy.

Privacy Notice

Water Works is registered in England and Wales - Charity Commission – 1158206
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Water Works is supported by UK Aid from the British people