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Since founding in 2009, we have assisted 37 rural Malawian villages to construct water pumps, providing safe drinking water for over 9,300 people; supported 805 families to build hygienic latrines; helped a primary school with over 300 students to build two blocks of latrines; and run hygiene awareness programmes for over 1000 people.

Our approach is not to give hand outs, but to empower people to meet their water, sanitation and hygiene needs. We do this by:

The hygiene awareness programme, which is led by our Malawian partner organisations, helps the communities to identify how their water, sanitation and hygiene practices may be impacting on their health. The communities develop action plans to address the issues, which would include the construction of latrines, the protection of water sources and the improvement of hygiene. We then assist the communities to implement their action plan. The projects are community led with the community making the decisions, such as the choice of water pump technology, the Abakus or the Alinafe Pump. A particular focus is placed on the opinions, experience and expertise of women as they are usually responsible for household water collection, sanitation and hygiene. A health committee is elected to lead the projects, ensure that all community members construct a latrine, that vulnerable households are assisted and that the good practices continue after the projects end. The water pump can be easily maintained with low cost and locally available materials either by the Health Committee themselves or by the Water Works repair service run by the Water Works Malawian water team.

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Water Works is registered in Scotland - Scottish Charity Number: SC040514 and in England and Wales - Charity Commission – 1158206
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