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Water Works is a charity committed to assisting communities gain access to safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation facilities. Our approach is not to give hand outs, but to empower people to meet their own needs.

The Malawi Water Team

Kingston Tsama


Kingston Tsamba (Senior Builder)

Kingston is one of the newer members to Water Works. With his strong work ethic, his sharp organisational skills and a good command of English, he leads his construction crew with latrine construction.


Samuel Banda (Builder)

Samuel Banda has many years of building experience. He is not only a talented builder, but an excellent teacher. He has the ability to engage the entire community in the development, especially people who are often excluded.

Banda is responsible for teaching the communities how to build the wells surrounding structure and advises on good latrine building practices.

Maxwell Khombe


Maxwell Khombe (Senior Water Point Technician)

Maxwell is a very smart and engaging team member. He leads the installation of the pumps and trains the village water committee on how to install and maintain the pumps. Maxwell is trained on not only Water Works’ pumps, but also the Afridev and Malda pumps, and has led training sessions to pump technicians of other NGOs.

Mr Black talking to villagers.


Black Chakumodzi (Team Leader)

Mr Black has spent much of his life mobilising communities to build their own toilets and advising on the importance of good hygiene practices.

Mr Black is the Water Works team leader and ensures that the projects are community led. He excels when engaging and promoting partnerships with communities.



Maya Kachenga (Programme Officer)

Maya lives in Lilongwe. She is very resourceful, has great local contacts and helps Water Works achieve good value for money. She is good at paying attention to detail and making sure that Water Works delivers the project in each village. She also has a knack of mobilising the villagers, particularly the women.



The Management Team

Simon Cohen (Director)

Simon founded the charity in September 2008 in response to the lack of sustainable water points in sub-Saharan Africa. With Master’s degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Development Studies, Simon is able to help guide the development of Water Work’s water pumps, programmes and strategy. He excels when engaging communities, building partnerships and providing training. When not working for Water Works, Simon consults for other water NGOs in various countries including Angola, the Sudan and Mozambique.


Jeff Cohen (Business Development Manager)

Jeff‘s involvement with Water Works began when he took responsibility for fund raising. He has substantial experience in raising money for various voluntary groups. His career has been in the field of mental health and human rights, but is now taking a more active role in the management of Water Works. He helped to manage the programme in Malawi in 2013-2014 and is now fully in charge of Water Works’ Business Development.


Yee Chen (Programme Manager)

Yee joined Water Works in 2017 to oversee the day to day programming and work progress. Also with a background in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yee has experience running similar projects in the Caribbean, South America and the Middle East.

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Water Works is registered in Scotland - Scottish Charity Number: SC040514 and in England and Wales - Charity Commission – 1158206
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